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zeovit additives
ZEOvit Additives
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KZ ZEOvit BioMate 10ml

amino acid lps zeovit

KZ ZEOvit Amino Acid LPS

High quality coral food especially for large polyp stony corals (LPS) and soft corals, e.g. Cynarina, Blastomussa, Welsophyllia, Symphyllia, Musidae, Fungia, Heliofungia, Catalaphyllia …

KZ ZEOvit Amino Acid High Concentrate

KZ ZEOvit Amino Acid High Concentrate

Glass bottle with pipette. Recommended in any tank system for all kind of corals.

  • Up to 100% increased growth of many SPS, even sensitive types such as Fiji and Tonga corals.
  • Large polyp corals will grow as well.
  • Injured corals recover faster.
  • Tridacnas show more defined colors clearly.
  • Gonipora and Alveopora can be kept easy.
  • Improved coloration of all corals.
  • Fiji and Tonga Montiporen grow faster and maintain their different colors.
  • SPS corals produce more slime and therefore have improved protection from predators.
  • No darkening of coral tissue while dosing.
  • Extreme polyp expansion in all types of corals.

Dosing 1 drop per 100L/25 gallons /day

zeovit KZ Aminoacid Fish

    KZ ZEOvit Aminoacid Fish

  • Supports recovery after any illness, improves immune response, reduces susceptibility to illness.
  • Replenishes any amino acids that fish are unable to produce in sufficient quantity.
  • Increases overall survivability rate of juvenile fish while promoting much better coloration and growth.
  • Encourages better coloration in adult fish. Malnutrition is more readily compensated for.

Dry food (Pellets): Completely soak food product in water and amino acids.
Frozen food: Mix the food with Aminoacid Concentrate Fish and mix thoroughly.

Juvenile fish up to 10 weeks: Add 1 drop per 10g of food daily.
3 Months and older: 1 drop per 10g of food 1-2 times weekly.

KZ Calcium Plus

KZ ZEOvit Calcium Plus

To increase the Calcium concentration in sea water.

Dosage: Maximum 1 ml per 25 gallons daily.

zeovit coral snow

KZ ZEOvit Coral Snow

It’s a liquid secondary biological facilitator for elements, for example B-Balance or Potassium-Iodide/Fluoride Concentrate. It can be dosed with every element without causing a problem, also with Amino Acid and Vitalizer for example. It contains a natural kind of Calcium, Magnesium & Carbonate. It has a particle size of 2.5µ so it has the optimal size to get picked up by SPS polyps.

It is dosed on a daily basis (1 ml / 100 liters / 25 gallons). To make it easier for corals to pick up such “elements” it can be mixed together with any product in a small container for about 5 minutes. It absorbs the “elements” effectively and can be added slowly in a higher water flow area directly in the tank. As the corals pick up the particles directly the “elements” can be directly absorbed by the coral polyps, which makes them more easily available. Maximum dosage is 4 ml / 100 liters / 25 gallons. It also neutralizes undesirable acids and is helpful with many other problems like cyano or slime algae. In this special kind of problems, it is recommended to mix coralsnow with 1 drop ZeoBac / 100 liters / 25 gallons dosing this mixture every other day until the problem has gone.

The product is also helpful for coral importers. Korallenzucht made the experience if they get bigger coral imports, adding 5 ml / 100 liters / 35 gallons of coralsnow, the impact of the fresh imported corals to the system is minimal and all corals in the system doing fine the next day as before.

zeovit iodide complex

KZ ZEOvit Iodide Complex Concentrate

For an improved coloration corals need iodide in different forms as well as additional elements enabeling an optimal assimilation of the iodide. Contains organic and inorganic iodide as well as bromine, potassium and fluorine. Recommended in any tank system.

Dosing: 1 drop per 100 L/25 gallons per day

zeovit KZ Iron Concentrate

KZ ZEOvit Iron Concentrate

The addition of iron affects all colors but primarily enhances the green color formation. Iron encreases coral growth and also the multiplication of zooxanthella. Well suited for all kind of corals. Recommended in any tank system.

Dosing: 1 drop/100L/25gallons per day.

kz zeovit kh plus

KZ ZEOvit KH Plus

To increase the alkalinity concentration in sea water.

Dosage: Maximum 1 ml per 25 gallons daily.

Photo coming soon

KZ ZEOvit Magnesium Complex

Important element for stony corals and calcareous algae. Recommended in any tank system. We recommend a concentration of 1200 – 1280 mg/l Mg.

Dosing: 3 ml per 50 gallons daily. Regular water tests recommended.

KZ ZEOvit Pohl's B-Balance

For the initial use you can dose 50-100 ml per 100 L / 25 gallons tank water to refill missing minerals. After this treatment your SPS corals will turn out to new beauty. Then pause for 2 days.

After that dose 1ml/100L/25gallons daily.

Dosing qty. of B-Balance reduces to 50% if you also use ZEOspur 2 in your tank. Pohl’s B-Balance contains essential minerals and its addition makes it possible to keep delicate animals such as Cespitularia. Especially enhances the color red in Acropora, Stylopora and Pocillopora. Corals are healthier and more rubust, base encrustation is more solid and also grow in darkly lit areas.

KZ ZEOvit Pohl's Coral Vitalizer

The new Coralfood Concentrate contains both liquid and solid elements, providing food to SPS corals as well as several soft corals.
Does not increase PO4 or NO3.

First results can be seen after 7 – 10 days. When the corals are used to the feeding you will notice increased polyp expansion, e.g. of Acropora are fully extended even during the light period. Corals retain their bright, natural color. Increases coral growth.

We recommend a dosing of 1-3 drops per 100L/25 gallons /day, depending on the live stock in the tank.

KZ Pohl's K-Balance zeovit

KZ ZEOvit Pohl's K-Balance

Potassium is a major element in sea water like Calcium, and is concentrated with ca. 390mg/L. K-Balance contains multiple potassium salts in high concentration. Our tests in several tanks have shown the benefits in color and growth after dosing a few days.

- Polyp expansion within short time. – Enhances growth and coloration of all corals, especially in SPS like Montipora, Stylopora, Seriatopora, Pocillopora, Acropora. – Recommended in any tank system.

Low potassium levels have following characteristics:
Montipora stop growing, colors are dull to grey, good coloration without potassium not possible. Poccilopora and Stylopora with low potassium level look like they have been out of the water in the air, polyps are inside and color is light without depth and washed-out. Blue Acropora are also washed-out. Seriatopora can show complete tissue necrosis within a few days. Turbinaria Reniformis stops growing.

Dosing: 1ml/100L/25 gallons per day
Please note:
Do not increase dosage given on the label. Product is highly concentrated. We recommend to check potassium level regularly like Ca or Mg.

KZ Pohl's Xtra Concentrate

KZ ZEOvit Pohl's Xtra

This product enhances the colors of your stony corals.

  • Improves all kind of color significantly.
  • Improves coral growth enormously.
  • Improves vitality visibly.

Dosage: 1 ml per 25 gallons daily.

zeovit KZ Potassium Iodide Fluoride Concentrate

KZ ZEOvit Potassium Iodide Fluoride Concentrate

Well suited for all kind of corals.

Addition leads to improved blue colors in SPS, especially for blue color of Acropora and Montipora. Contains inorganic iodide as well as bromine, potassium, and fluorine. Recommended in any tank system.

Dosing: 1 drop per 100L /25 gallons per day.

KZ ZEOvit Sponge Power

Well suited for all kind of corals.
Special food for sponges, tridacnas and sea squirt.

Enhanced growth of sponges and sea squirt support their water cleaning character and thus water quality significantly.
SPS corals get longer colored growing tips.
Especially purple is enhanced on all SPS.
The recovery of harmed corals is highly improved.

Dosing: 1 drop for 25 gallons or 1 ml for 500 gallons daily.

Photo coming soon

KZ ZEOvit Strontium Complex

Strontium, barium and further elements enhance the growth of many stony and soft corals, especially indispensable for reef building stony corals like Acropora, Montipora, Seriatopora etc. Recommended in any tank system.

Dosing: 3 ml per 50 gallons daily

KZ ZEOvit Stylo-Pocci Glow

Especially for Seriatopora, Stylopora and Poccilopora. Regulates the density of zooxanthellae in Pocillopora, Stylopora and Seriatopora. Supports a natural and strong color formation. Recommended in any tank system.

With a daily dosing you will be surprised from your coral coloration.

Dose as long as the tissue is colored again. Then stop dosing until coloration is getting less.

Dosing: 1 drop per 100L/25gallons/day

zeovit KZ ZEOspur 2

KZ ZEOvit ZEOspur 2

spur 2 is a product of permanent development of the Zeovit system. It results from our practical experience of keeping corals with extreme coloration.
It is highly concentrated it is important not to chance dosing recommendation on the label: 1 ml /100 L/25 gallons each 8-10 days.

The result can be seen 24 h after dosing and reaches the highest level after 48h.

With this trace element solution it is possible to influence the amount of zooxanthellae in the coral tissue. The coral itself has more energy for growth because the reduced zooxanthellae density requires less energy. – Controlled reduction of zooxanthellae density for Acropora, Anacropora or Montipora. – The reduction of zooxanthellae in the outer layers brings out the colors from deeper layers. – To maintain color of highly colored corals. – Recommended in any tank system.

KZ ZEOvit ZEOspur Macroelements

It is a new product and a result of the continued improvement of the ZEOvit system. It contains various metal salts sometimes not contained in synthetic salt mixes (some of the elements contained in this supplement are lithium, vanadium, palladium, boron, selenium, yttrium, ruthenium, cesium, tin).

Dosing: 5 ml/25 gallons once weekly.

KZ ZEOvit ZEOzym

Enzyme-based biological stimulant to promote increased bacterial metabolism.

  • Amplifies the effect of ZEObak.
  • Stimulates the biological control of slime algae (Cyanobacteria).
  • Enhances skimming performance
  • Disbarment of harmful substances
  • Improves coral growth enormously.

Normal: 1 level teaspoon per 1000 L / 250 gallons per week dissolved in tank water.

As a solution to excess organics: Up to 2 level teaspoons daily. Dissolve separately 6-8 hours advanced in 0.5 l tank water, and then add directly to the tank. Carefully observe the protein skimmer for increased skimmate production.

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