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Tunze Protein Skimmers

Tunze 9002 Nano Protein Skimmers
General information

The “Nano” model series has been designed for the use in reef biotopes up to 200 litres (52 US gal.), and is gentle to the plankton in operation. The DOC Skimmer 9002 removes up to 80 per cent of organic waste matter, such as protein and cellulose, from the aquarium water. Very little space is required in the aquarium, and its handling is very easy. On account of their construction, these models are particularly quiet during operation. On account of the high demands in stone coral aquariums, this skimmer should be used only in aquariums with about 100 litres (26 US gal.) of water. Mixed aquariums or soft coral aquariums up to 200 litres (52 USgal.) can be set up without any problems.

Delivery condition: Ready for mounting with patented magnet holder up to a glass thickness


By means of the water jet of the Nano pump and a high-performance jet, a fine pearly air mixture is produced which is released into an easy-to-clean skimmer cup through a newly developed reflection system. The protein-containing aquarium water diffuses into the skimmer through the opening in the bottom and on the rear, which is gentle to the plankton, thus suitable in particular for breeding tanks with living plankton.


DOC Skimmer 9002 (9002.000)

Recommended for aquariums from 40 to 200 litres (10 to 52 US gal.) of salt water.
Dimensions: L125 x W55 x H338 mm (L4.9 x W2.1 x H13.3 in.)
Immersion depth: approx. 180 to 220 mm (7 to 8.6 in.),
230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz) 10 W
Skimmer cup volume: .3 l (.079 US gal.)
Air capacity: 150 l/h (39.6 US gal./h)

Tunze Nano Reefpack 200

TUNZE® Nano Reefpack 200 constitutes a new water treatment concept for small reef aquariums from 40 to 200 litres (10.5 to 52.8 US gal.). It consists of a Nano DOC Skimmer 9002 with a 150-litre (39 USgal.) air output, a mechanical Nano Cleaner with a pump (800 l/h / 211 USgal./h) and a magnet holder. The Nano Reefpack has been designed for beginners as well as for experienced aquarists. Thus, it is possible to operate a small marine or reef biotope aquarium in any standard glass tank without any complications. The water is treated on the basis of dirt removal and contains no biological stages. Like all TUNZE® components, the Nano Reefpack is a modular solution, which can be supplemented with Osmolator 3155 and Calcium Dispenser 5074, et cetera.

The Nano Reefpack 200 in detail:
SKIMMER: Nano DOC Skimmer 9002.
FILTER: Nano Filter 3165 with an output of 800 l/h (211 USgal./h), Micro Wadding 872.01 and filter bag for activated carbon and other absorbers, such as for phosphate.
STORAGE TANK: 5002.10 with a volume of 13 litres (3.4 USgal.); is used to hold the refill water.
HOLDING DEVICE: The Nano Reefpack is supplied with Magnet Holder 6025.50 as a standard feature to permit mounting at any point in the aquarium (up to a glass thickness of 19 mm (.47 in.).
POWER CONSUMPTION: Only 20 W for all components, 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz).
DELIVERY CONDITION: Ready for mounting with patented magnet holder, storage container and filter wadding. Dimensions of the skimmer cup: L 120 x W 114 x H 338 cm (L4.7 x W4.4 x H13.3 in.).
Item ships direct from Tunze USA
Reepack 200

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