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Tunze Master DOC Protein Skimmers


DOC Skimmer 9410

Manufacturer rating for aquariums up to 264 USgal. of salt water. This rating is for a basic fish only or dutch style reef with some soft corals and macro algaes. Reduce it by 20% for more intensive soft coral populations. By 40% for a typical mixed reef with some LPS and anemones. By 60% for SPS and by 70% for SPS with a very high fish load.

Immersion depth of 140 to 240 mm (5.5 to 9.4 in.)
Dimensions without post-filter: L 250 x W 180 x H 415 mm (L 9.8 x W 7.0 x H 16.3 in.), 230 V / 50 Hz, 12 W
Water flow rate: 900 l/h (237.7 USgal./h)
(115 V / 60 Hz, 16 W
Water flow rate: 264 USgal./h)
Air output: 600 l/h (158 USgal./h), Skimmer cup volume: .7 l (.18 USgal.)


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