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PH, Salinity, and ORP Probe Calibration Solutions from American Marine
Pinpoint by American Marine
Pinpoint™ High-Precision pH Calibration Fluids
Pinpoint™ High-Precision pH Calibration Fluids

4.000 +/- 0.002
7.000 +/- 0.002
10.000 +/- 0.005
These come in single-use plastic envelope packets, and they are extremely accurate and field portable. Each packet contains enough fluid for a complete calibration (about 30 ml) and is intended to be discarded after use. There is a free sample of these included with each Pinpoint pH Monitor™. This monitor should be calibrated monthly.

1 packet of 4.0
1 packet of 7.0
1 packet of 10.0
PINPOINT® Probe storage fluid for pH and ORP/REDOX Probes
PINPOINT® Probe storage fluid for pH and ORP/REDOX Probes

This is the perfect fluid for the storage of any pH or ORP/REDOX Electrode. American Marine Probe Storage Fluid will keep the tip properly moist and extend the life of your probe during storage (60 mL).
Pinpoint probe storage solution
PINPOINT® II Calcium Monitor Fluid Kit

1 bottle each of 100 ppm and 1,000 ppm calcium calibration fluids.
Pinpoint Calcium Monitor Solution Set
PINPOINT® Salinity Calibration Fluid

53.0 mS standardized fluid for calibrating the PINPOINT® Salinity Monitor
Pinpoint Salinity Calibration Fluid







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