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GEO UMC618 Media Reactor
GEO UMC618 Media Reactor

GEO UMC618 Media Reactor

  • All cell cast acrylic construction
  • key hole lid for easy thumbscrew service
  • Union ball valve at base provide flow control through the reactor
  • Feed at the base allows easier maintenance
  • 1/2" female thread  in and out allow hard plumbing with common PVC fittings
  • Barb fittings, tube and clamps provided for soft connection
  • Can be used for media of any type or as a second chamber on a calcium reactor
  • Well suited for very large reef systems and store displays

Uses include but are not limited to: PO4 media, granular activated carbon, biological sand, calcium reactor effluent chamber.

GEO UMC618 Media Reactor

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