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Super Reef Octopus Hang On Protein Skimmers

Super Reef Octopus Hang On Protein Skimmers

The Super Reef Octopus series of hang-on protein skimmers are some of the most advanced and powerful hang on skimmers money can buy. Unlike many hang on protein skimmers their performance can rival of their in sump equivalents. The SRO line of hang-on protein skimmers come with a all in one design that serves as the hanger, intake and bubble trap for return. The Super Reef Octopus intake has a sliding gate so the intake can still be adjusted for water level in the tank. As well as both the LX1000S and the LX2000s skimmers come complete with air silencer for the venturi intake to quite the skimmer while it pulls in large volumes of air. The SRO hang-on protein skimmers also come with the outstanding 3 year warranted Bubble Blaster skimmer pumps which are used on all Super Reef Octopus skimmers.

For those aquarists looking for a less expensive option with tanks below 100 gallons we recommend you consider the Reef Octopus hang on protein skimmers found here.

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Super Reef Octopus LX1000S Hang On

Super Reef Octopus LX2000S Hang On



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