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ARM Caclium Reactor Media in standard, course and extra course
CaribSea Media
Arm Reactor Media

Due to weight addtional shipping charges may apply that the cart cannot account for at time of order.
ARM™ -

A complete reactor media containing not only calcium and carbonate, but essential trace elements as well. In fact, A.R.M.™ has nearly 50 times the strontium of other brands (7390 ppm). A.R.M.™ is processed for immediate use, no rinsing
required, and has double the surface area of regular aragonite. Precision grading (2-3mm) allows for maximum carbon dioxide
penetration, and the exclusion of gastropod shells insures the lowest phosphate (less than 1/10 of 1 ppm) content. This grading
also carries in the highest concentration of Halimeda incrassata, an aragonite so pure it has been used as a laboratory
standard. A.R.M.™ has the highest solubility of any reactor media available (metastable at 8.2) so typical CO2 consumption is
much lower.
(1 gallon, about 8 lb)

1 gallon/ approx 8lbs

Due to weight addtional shipping charges may apply that the cart cannot account for at time of order.


Carib Sea ARM Course

Product texture may vary from image.

(1 gallon, about 8 lb)

ARM Course
1 gallon/ approx 8lbs

Brightwell Aquatics

Brightwell Aquatics NeoMag

High Purity Magnesium Media for Placement in Reef Aquarium Media Reactors


  • High-purity, magnesium-rich mineral that may be employed in traditional calcium reactors,
    or even blended in to pre-existing aquarium substratum, to gradually increase and maintain
    the magnesium concentration in the system.
  • Provides magnesium, which helps regulate the balance between calcium and carbonates in
    aquarium water, and is a component of aragonite, the mineral secreted by reef-building
    organisms to form skeletal material.
  • Composed of magnesium, calcium, and carbonates.
  • Optimal average particle size for use in media reactors and calcium reactors.
  • Free of chloride and sulfate.
  • Mined in the United States.
  • For complete information, click the 'Technical' button at the top right.
NeoMag 1kg

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